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Teltronic Mobile Two Way Radios

Our History


Teltronic has provided quality customer service for OVER 50 YEARS!

John Cristea (Cris) recounted the events that made Teltronic below.

"On June 19, 1961, two young radio technicians, with a few years’ experience in two-way radio quit their jobs at a Washington, D.C. Motorola Service Station to bid on a contract to maintain Civil Defense radios in the metropolitan area. Having done work on this system for a couple of years, confidence as ‘technician that could repair anything electronic’ was at an all-time high. We couldn’t lose! Teltronic was born that day!

Except that when the bids were opened, a company in Paramus, NJ was the low bidder on the contract. Teltronic was sunk before it ever got started and the new founders, John Cristea and Byll Graham, had to start scratching for new business to support their growing young families.

That level of confidence (and a big dip in our savings accounts) kept the partnership alive. We were able to get a sub-contract on the Civil Defense System from the local contractor and gradually started building up the business from ‘Teltronic Industrial Maintenance’ on Missouri Avenue, NW in Washington to Philadelphia Avenue in Silver Spring to Garfield Avenue in Silver Spring to Teltronic, Inc. in Kensington.

Selecting good, loyal partners and good, loyal employees in the future made the company very strong and very successful. Thank you all very much!"


Byll (with Marty H in background)

Throughout the years, Teltronic has serviced and sold a variety of communications equipment. In 1990, Motorola chose Teltronic to also represent their wireless communications products as the first dealer in the area. We have over 80 professional employees at our five locations to design, sell, install and maintain wireless voice, data and video communications systems.  

All of us at Teltronic are committed to exceeding our customer's expectations and providing the best products and service available for your radio communications needs.

Around 1965, the company was servicing the emergency operations center for Montgomery County. In January 1966, the magazine Electronic Technician had an article on Teltronic and the Montgomery County emergency operations center, referring to the center as a "space-age communications center".

Electronic Technician Magazine

Below is a copy of Motorola’s newsletter The Discriminator from February 1956 which featured Radio Communications Service that Byll Graham and John Cristea both worked for at the time.  The article asked “What will you be doing five years from now” in 1961? The author says if you “act the part of a progressive and aggressive businessman” you can have a successful Motorola Service Station (MSS). Byll and John did just that in 1961 and Teltronic continues to grow as a Certified Service Center for Motorola and a Platinum Elite Motorola Radio Solutions Channel Partner.

The Discriminator Newsletter


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